Greg’s Pen Build

VTL member Greg came to get the lathe and made these beautiful pens!

Although it doesn’t take up too much space, the lathe is probably our heaviest tool, so if you come get it bear in mind you may want a friend to help load it into your vehicle.

Karen’s Deck Refurb

VTL member and DIY superstar Karen took on her back deck, and the results were awesome!! With just a belt sander and some elbow grease, she was able to bring this deck to the next level.




Chad’s Awesome Builds!

Chad is more than just a VTL member and volunteer, he is also quite the builder! Here are a few awesome things he put together lately.

First he hacked an ikea bed to create extra storage, and give the bed itself more width and a sturdier base than the traditional wooden slats they send you home with.

V__26E3 WP_20191231_011 WP_20191231_008


Then he build this really nice table from a live edge plank:

WP_20191231_006 WP_20191231_004 WP_20191231_003


And finally, he did some custom storage solutions as well:



Way to go Chad!!!