Horizon Eco Builders Stair & Swoop!

Wow! Thomas and the crew at Horizon Eco Builders knocked it out of the park with this one. Amazing stairs and a neat swoop.

From Thomas:

“Hope your week is starting off on a great note. Here are the photos I talked to you about the last time we spoke (finally!). For the housed stringer staircase, we used one of your Thickness planers, a benchtop drill press, and the Hitachi 10” sliding compound mitre saw. We also recently rented an extension ladder and a framing nailer to frame this cool swooped roof.

I just want to mention that working with you guys has been a real pleasure, the staff is always very welcoming and helpful, and the stock of specialty tools that you guys carry is extensive. Keep up the good work!”

Thanks for the kind words Thomas, we are very impressed with what you’ve pulled off here. We will keep lending tools as long as people want to keep building cool stuff!!

Finished 2 Swooped Roof 2 Planer dust drill press 2

Tim’s Custom Bed!

Last year Tim stopped by the shop several times to rent table saws, mitre saws, planers, routers, the whole works. It was all in an effort to make the most wonderful bed frame ever! And in our humble opinion, he succeeded!!!
Some of the best details are:
– The cable supports. The nuts of the bolts are in-set so only the cable and it’s termination are visible. The cables work as support, but also fasteners. Without the cables, the left and right sides of the bed would slide off.
– The post tops chamfered X shape
– The tapered inner sides of the legs
– Except for the headboard, it’s all made of construction lumber laminated together. I especially like the pine-beetle damaged blue accents : )

Amazing Donation From Tradeworks/The Open Door Group!!

So many thanks to Kyle and Sandra from Tradeworks/The Open Door Group for the big tool donation!! We are extremely sorry to see Tradeworks shut up shop, but we know the spirit of the organization will continue on, and we will do all we can to support women and underrepresented people interested in getting into the trades!!!