2017 VTL Garage Sale! April 29th

It’s SPRING! That means we’re having our Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser! Here are the details:

Saturday, April 29th

9am (no early birds!)

3448 Commercial St.

There will be hand tools, power tools, gardening tools, plumbing tools, and tool accessories! Come and get some cheap tools and help out your local Tool Library!garage-sale-1

Thanks Vancouver Hack Space!

Many thanks to our good friends The Vancouver Hack Space for opening their workspace up to us so we don’t have to build in the rain today. Resource-sharing! Thanks friends!


Workshop Series: Sustainable Home Building and Retrofits, April, 2017

Vancouver Tool Library is happy to offer the Sustainable Home Building Practices and Retrofits, a 4-part workshop series that explores the basics of making changes to your home with a focus on sustainability. Our facilitator, Kyle, is a Red Seal Carpenter and has extensive experience with alternative home retrofits. The series will range on topics from basic ideas of sustainability to specific practices of retrofitting. Please see each workshop’s description for specific topics.house cross section

*It is not necessary to attend all 4 workshops. Each workshop can be attended independently.

Facilitator Bio

Kyle Kozak is a Red Seal Carpenter and has been doing home renovations as long as he could remember. His interest for sustainable building has brought him to New Mexico to learn about Earthships, Vancouver island to learn about straw bale and cob building, and has also taught how to build your own tiny home workshops. He currently works as a project coordinator helping to shape and sculpt the homes and commercial properties of Vancouver.

Part 1- Introduction to Retrofitting with a Focus on Sustainable Building
Sunday, April 2, 1pm-4pm
Vancouver Public Library, Kensington Branch, 1428 Cedar Cottage Mews
TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/part-1-introduction-to-retrofit…

What is a retrofit? What is the best retrofit for you? What is sustainable to you? What does it mean? This workshop will help you determine your priorities when renovating your house; is it clean indoor environment, cutting down on energy use, renewable energy, collecting your own water, growing your own food, tightening your building envelope?

We will discuss ‘living small’, passive heating and designs, living buildings, and healthy homes

We will discuss how to tread lightly when we renovate our homes by calculating embodied carbon energy of building products, identifying hazardous materials and how to avoid them (off-gassing, and side affects), electro-magnetic frequencies, rain water harvesting, salvaging materials, and reclaiming lumber.

This workshop will be theory-based and will take place in a classroom setting.

Part 2- Installing Windows and Doors
Saturday, April 8th, 12pm-3pm
Vancouver Tool Library, 3448 Commercial St.
TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/part-2-installing-windows-and-d…

Determine if your windows and doors need replacement, and learn the basics of installing windows and doors, replacing weather stripping and preventing air ingress from around your windows. Learn the difference between poor quality and quality doors and windows, and steps for re-installation once they are removed. We will discuss how to prevent water ingress, and creating a proper seal around your windows. We will review window glazing, single glazed, double and triple glazed as well as review the steps for building a window frame and how to install a window and or door. Learn how to check for air leaks, and install caulking and sealants to cut down on air infiltration.

This is a hands-on workshop and participants should expect to use some tools. Please dress appropriately; no loose clothing or dangly jewellery and wear closed-toed shoes.

Part 3- Wall Systems and Insulation
Saturday, April 15th, 12pm-3pm
Vancouver Tool Library, 3448 Commercial St.
TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/part-3-wall-systems-and-insulat…

Learn and build different types of wall systems. Explore energy efficient wall systems upgrades, and outboard insulation vs inboard. Learn how to add extra insulation to your home and the concept of wrapping your house with a blanket. Identify different types of insulation and installation techniques. You will learn double wall, single walls, framing techniques, recycled types of insulation, low toxicity and easy ways to insulate an existing home.

This is a hands-on workshop and participants should expect to use some tools. Please dress appropriately; no loose clothing or dangly jewellery and wear closed-toed shoes.

Part 4- Mechanical Systems
Saturday, April 22nd, 11am-2pm
Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House, 4065 Victoria Dr.
TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/part-4-mechanical-systems-ticke…

During this portion we will discuss solar PV panels, solar hot water, residential wind turbines, water collection systems, maximizing water use, grey water/black water systems, rules for residential, on/off grid, heat recovering ventilators, fresh air systems and home heating and cooling.

This workshop will be theory-based and will take place in a classroom setting.

Must be 18 years old or older to participate in workshops.

$25/workshop for VTL members.

$30/workshop for non-members.

***Refunds will only be available before 48 hours before the workshop begins. After that, you’re welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else. Make sure you call us and let us know!

VTL needs workshop facilitators!

Share your skills!
VTL needs workshop facilitators

The Vancouver Tool Library is looking for workshop facilitators; people who can help empower their community with tools and skills.14918843_1450051988343857_8653994644159361641_o

We’re looking for anyone with skills in woodworking, home reno, gardening, plumbing, automotive, bike repair, textiles, etc. Experience teaching small groups of people is definitely an asset.

Have an idea for a workshop? We’ll work with you to develop the content and logistics around the workshop, and set the class size to a comfortable limit. Examples of past VTL workshops include blade sharpening, bike repair, sewing classes, introduction to woodworking, wood turning, and basic automotive.

A small honorarium is offered to our facilitators. If you’re interested, or know someone who is interested in facilitating a VTL workshop, please email manager@vancouvertoollibrary.com.

– Hugz from VTL!