AGM 2024 & Board Nominations

All members are invited to join the VTL’s Annual General Meeting at Trout Lake Community Centre happening on July 21, 2024 from 3pm-5pm. We will have an interactive priority planning for the next year, reviewing last year’s report and board elections. Everyone is also invited to join the BBQ party after.

Call for Board Nominations

The official call for VTL Board Nominations are now open. Taking part in the Board is a great place to share your knowledge while getting experience with what it takes to keep a co-op running. 

We recognize that the overlapping structures of hetero-patriarchy, ableism, and white supremacy are prevalent barriers in the tools and building space. Our mission at the VTL is to expand access to tools by addressing these barriers. To do this, we made a commitment to diversity, and we hope to receive applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, Indigeneity, gender, gender-identification, sexual orientation, class and physical ability.

To run, you must be an active member of the co-op. 

Board Work

The VTL Board is a working board, meaning that Board members are directly engaged in the work of running the co-op. Nominees should have capacity to take on 10-15 hours of work per month, outside of monthly board meetings.

This work could take a number of different forms including:

Organizing a committee, recruiting workshop facilitators, managing finances and government paperwork, building partnerships with other organization in Vancouver and more!

Board Roles
Our Board doesn’t run for specific roles or titles, those are decided by the new Board after each election. However, there are a few areas where experience or interest to learn would be helpful:

  • Accounting – our financial director and our bookkeeper will both be stepping back this year and accounting interest/experience is valuable
  • Workshop program – interest/experience in recruiting facilitators and building a workshop program
  • Web presence and communication – leading the improvement of our online tools

Ultimately though, the most important traits are an understanding of and commitment to the safe, supportive, sharing community we are trying to create and a desire to work to deepen that.

Timeline to Nominate

The window to put your name forward for the Board election will be open from June 4 to July 13. After July 13th nominee profiles will be sent to members in preparation for our Annual General Meeting on July 21st. The board election will happen at that meeting.

Next Steps
Please complete the application below if you would like to put your name forward to join the VTL Board.

If you have any further questions that was not covered above, please send us an email.