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Amazing Donation From Tradeworks/The Open Door Group!!

So many thanks to Kyle and Sandra from Tradeworks/The Open Door Group for the big tool donation!! We are extremely sorry to see Tradeworks shut up shop, but we know the spirit of the organization will continue on, and we will do all we can to support women and underrepresented people interested in getting into the trades!!!



Commercial Street Car Free Day

Come check out Commercial Street Car Free Day on Sunday July 7th! We are doing our own little sustainable street party jam just down the block from the big bash on the Drive! We will be here to chat, and throw your bicycle in the stand to give it a little TLC.



VTL AGM Friday June 7th, 2019 @ Commercial St Cafe

This year’s VTL AGM is on Friday, June 7th at 7:00PM at the Commercial St Cafe. (3599 Commercial St)

Vote by proxy here: if you cannot attend in person.

We will be voting on an important amendment regarding quorum, in an effort to keep the VTL machine running as smoothly as possible. Refreshments will be provided, and as always, good company guaranteed. So come down to have your say in how your co-op runs, and to meet some of your fellow members, volunteers, and board members.