The VTL relies on an incredible group of volunteers who help make what we do possible.

Tool Repair: Tool repair volunteers work to maintain, repair, and sharpen shop inventory to ensure that it all is in working condition. These volunteers come to the shop to grab a handful of tools from the sick bay, and usually return them within 2-4 weeks magically working again. Our repair people maintain close contact with Laine, the VTL GM, to discuss tool issues and repair options. They are a committed group of individuals passionate about tools. They possess amazing knowledge and problem-solving skills!

Shop Volunteers: Shop volunteers are the heart and soul of the VTL! These wonderful folks help keep the Vancouver Tool Library’s day-to-day lending running smoothly. They sign up new members, add donations to inventory, keep the shop tidy, and are the first point of contact between members and the VTL org. Our volunteers are a committed bunch who get to interact with members to help them find the tools they need to build their projects, whilst keeping the shop in tip top shape.

We are now actively looking for new shop volunteers!

Volunteers will be trained and have the opportunity to get involved in a community of builders and doers through workshops, in-shop interaction, and community building/volunteer appreciation events.

If you are interested in volunteering with us – or would like to learn more, please send an email Laine the VTL general manager at manager@vancouvertoollibrary.com with the subject line “Volunteering at the VTL” and let us know how and why you’d like to get on our team!!