Who is involved?

Who is involved?

The VTL is almost entirely volunteer-run! Along with our staff member, our Board of Directors, volunteers, and members keep our organization moving forward.


Members are the most important element of our organization! We have a constantly growing base of members who live in Vancouver and its surrounding municipalities.

Becoming a member of the Vancouver Tool Library through the (one-time) purchase of a $20 share is the only prerequisite to participation in the organization, and the open and inclusive nature of this membership is guaranteed by our status as a registered co-op. Members drive the direction of the organization and their projects are what inspire us to run our tool library. Collectively, they own, run, and democratically govern the VTL, in addition to using the resources we provide – workshops and free access to the tool library! You can learn more about becoming a member here.


The VTL’s Board of Directors depend on a strong team of volunteers to help them operate the organization. Our volunteer base is made up of members who help manage the shop, sit on committees (working groups chaired by our Directors), assist with fundraising events, help maintain and upgrade tools, and work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

Are you interested in volunteering with the Vancouver Tool Library? Positions with varying time commitments are available with us. See the volunteer page for more info and to fill out an intake form.

Directors, Officers, and Staff

VTL Directors are the individuals who represent members’ interests at the organization’s operational level. Directors are elected to the Board by our membership at an Annual General Meeting, and serve a minimum of one year terms. The VTL’s Board of Directors consists of seven people who are responsible for overseeing everything entailed in the smooth operation of the organization, including strategic planning, budgeting, volunteer recruitment, and everything in between. Officers are volunteers who serve on volunteer committees and help Directors with specific projects.