Borrowing Tools – FAQ

Borrowing Tools – Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about borrowing tools can be found in our Rules and Borrowing Policy. The following is an overview of the document for quick reference.

Who can use VTL tools?

Our tools may only be used by members who are 18 years of age or older, and have paid their annual maintenance fee. For liability reasons, members agree not to permit the use of tools checked out by him/her by any other person.

Tools may be used for personal project only, and not for any trade, business, commercial, or rental purposes.

Loan Period and Late Fees

Tools may be borrowed for up to 10 days. Late fines of $1/day for hand tools, $3/day for B-Class Power Tools and $10/day for C-Class Power tools apply to any tool returned past its due date.


In-stock tools may be put on hold, by telephone or in person, on the same day of checkout.  We levy a $5 fee on any held tool that isn’t picked up before shop closing time. Holds will not be administered via email.

Loan Extensions

We allow tool loans to be extended by a maximum of 2 days. This is to ensure that more popular tools, or ones we only have a few of, are available most often. Tools cannot be extended if they are already overdue. Extensions can be made over the phone, by emailing the manager ( or in person. If there is no answer when you call to renew, please leave a message with your full name and how long you would like the tools to be extended for. If you email, please put “Tool Extension” in the subject line and again, state how long you’d like the tools for.


We cannot guarantee that rechargeable batteries (on saws, drills, etc) will be fully charged when tools are loaned out. Likewise, members are not expected to return tools with fully charged batteries. This policy is in place to extend the life of our batteries by ensuring that they are not being over-charged.

Tool Loss, Damage, or Wear and Tear

Before borrowing and returning tools, VTL volunteers inspect tools for safety hazards and any damage. All tools are to be returned clean and in the same condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. Members will be charged for any any damage beyond normal wear and tear, or the loss of an item.

Please remember that this is an overview only. For the full story, read our Rules and Borrowing Policy. These rules and policies may be changed at any time; members will be notified via email and signage in the shop.