Why Buy When You Can Borrow?

Not everyone uses a chop saw every day, all year round. Collectively, our local community has enough tools to meet the demands of its residents, but since most of us don’t know our neighbours, the Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is here to get the right tools in your hands. The VTL allows everyone to meet their tool needs without having to own an entire personal tool collection; this saves money, reduces waste, and connects people!

Thanks to our cooperative model, the VTL can afford to offer you a wide range of tools at a fraction of the costs of what it would cost at a tool rental shop. A membership with us is only $55 per year, while some rental shops charge more than that for a couple of hours worth of use of a tool.

By becoming a member of the VTL, you’ll also be helping Vancouver move towards a zero-waste future and become the world’s Greenest City by 2020.  Tools are made with non-renewable resources and their production process is taxing on our natural environment. The VTL can help you lighten your footprint by making it unnecessary to own every tool in the box. Time Magazine is calling the sharing economy one of the “10 ideas that will change the world,” and we couldn’t agree more!