Become a Member

Member Benefits

VTL membership entitles you to access to our tool inventory (late fees will apply for any tool returned after its due date) and allow you to register for workshops we will be running on tool-related skills and projects.

Because the VTL is a cooperative, your membership also gives you the opportunity to participate in the governance and decision making of our organization.

Member Fees

The VTL offers an affordable, community-based alternative to personal tool ownership or traditional tool rental. Sign up must be done in person at the shop.

Co-op Share: $20 (1-time fee)
     – The VTL is a proud co-operative! A share in the VTL entitles you to participate!

Annual Maintenance Fees

Standard Annual Maintenance Fee: $45

     – Standard membership for 1 person for 1 year. May not be shared with others.

     – ‘Accessible’ option available; The Standard Annual Maintenance fee is offered on a sliding scale for individuals requiring so (no proof of income necessary)

Organizational Annual Fee: $140

     – This type of membership allows up to five authorized users of the organization to have access to our tool inventory.

     – To qualify as an organization member the applicant must be a:  Non-profit, cooperative, or a small business.

     – For more information please email:

Tool Loan Fees

A-Class Tools (Hand Tools): FREE for loan period (up to 10 days)

B-Class Tools (Power Tools): $1/day (up to 10 days)

C-Class Tools (High-Maintenance Power Tools): $5/day (up to 10 days)

Late fees

$1/day for A-Class (hand tools)

$2/day for B-Class (power tools)

$10/day for C-Class (high-maintenance power tools)

Member Forms

Preview the forms we’ll have you read to become a member:

Ready to sign up!? You can do so in person during our shop hours, which are listed on the contact page.