Board, Coordinator, and Staff Bios

Board Members

Nathan Ross - President

Nathan is a Vancouver local with a keen interest in environmental stewardship and sustainability. He is an avid surfer and spends much of his spare time trekking to the coast in search of waves. Troubled by the ceaseless creation of waste and its far-reaching environmental impacts, Nathan pursues imaginative ways of diverting materials from waste streams and promoting circular economies. If you see him on the street, please say hello! Nathan’s always up for a good chat.

Rob Gill - Treasurer

Rob has been a member of the Vancouver Tool Library since 2012 and joined the board in 2015 as the tool coordinator and later became Treasurer. When he's not taking care of tools, you can find Rob building things out of wood, electronics or whatever else comes to hand.  In his day job, he works as an administrator in health care.

Monica Bailey - Financial Director

Monica is a proud new member of the VTL and joined the Board in 2019. A transplant from Calgary since 2017, she enjoys exploring this vibrant city and all of beautiful BC. Monica has a background in auditing and is knowledgeable about financial reporting, internal controls, accounting and budgeting. Monica now works in capacity development with First Nation communities across BC and Alberta.

Lauren McGuire-Wood - Member-at-large

Lauren has been involved with the Vancouver Tool Library since 2012. As tools are not exactly her forté, she brings her expertise in communications, project management, and non-profit leadership to the table. While not performing her VTL Board duties, she can be found speed-reading and critically analyzing books to complete her MA in English Literature and Education at UBC.

Colin McIntosh - Secretary

Colin is excited to join the Vancouver Tool Library's board. He's been a member of the VTL since 2016. Colin has spent countless weekends working on projects with tools from the shop and has frequented a variety of the Library's wonderful workshops. An engineer during the day, Colin has dabbled in woodworking, home improvement, bread making, glass blowing, and hide tanning. He enjoys spending his off time traveling with his partner, Courtney, and their senior dog, Pepper Jack.

Jacob Brennan - Member-at-Large

As a new arrival to Vancouver, Jacob is excited to join the VTL community. He is an Interaction Design Major at Emily Carr University and a Director for his schools’ Student Union. As an avid tinkerer and DIY-er, he loves hearing about everyone’s projects. He enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the areas around Vancouver. He readily admits that he tends to be overly enthusiastic about learning new things. So if anyone wants to teach him to sail, weld, or identify edible fungi- don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation about what he can teach in return!

Leah Kelley - Member-at-Large

Leah has been enjoying the use of the Tool Library since 2014. She has over a decade of non-profit experience under her (tool) belt, currently spending her days as a policy analyst in the field of Indigenous health policy. She's excited to be a board member because she believes in the power of community building as a means of enhancing social and environmental justice. In her spare time, you might find Leah cycling, bird-watching, cooking or reading a good book with a nice hot cup of coffee.


Laine Hughes - General Manager

Laine has been the GM of the Vancouver Tool Library since September 2018. He's a creative problem solver, big time dog lover, and always happy to talk tools and projects with VTL and community members alike. When he's not in the shop he can be found in the mountains, on the water, or playing ball somewhere in East Vancouver. Laine spent many years working as a bicycle mechanic, teaching Gender Studies at York University, and is extremely passionate about social justice.