Shop Volunteers

Get involved as a Shop Volunteer

Shop volunteers work at the VTL during open hours and are responsible for signing up members, loaning out tools, performing tool maintenance checks, and other shop-related activities. Prior experience and knowledge with tools is not required. We have a volunteer training program that is built around a mentorship model to ensure that every volunteer has the chance to learn and grow in their position with the VTL. Shop volunteers work a minimum of one shift every two weeks and commit to a four-month volunteer period (one “semester”).

Our shop volunteers must become members of the tool library, which entails paying for a (fully refundable) $20 membership share.

All shop volunteers receive the following benefits:

  • up to one year free tool access (annual maintenance fee is waived)
  • free power tool rentals
  • one free workshop per “semester” (four month period) volunteered

We are always looking for shop volunteers! If you want to try an orientation shift, or just find out a bit more about what it’s like to volunteer at the shop, get in touch with VTL general manager Laine ( to chat! Laine fields all questions about the volunteer program.