Workshop Rundown

The VTL is super proud of our awesome workshop series!! We extend our thanks to the BC Gaming Grant for their support since 2018, without their grant we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! Our gratitude also goes out to our incredible team of facilitators, makers, and artists who generously share their talents with our program participants. We have a variety of workshops scheduled, and more are always being added, so keep an eye out here for ticket options and dates.


Leather Belt

Dates and Tickets

Learn to make an item you can use every day, and have fun developing the skills associated with a new craft. This workshop will familiarize participants with the commonly used leatherworking tools found at the Vancouver Tool Library, and provide an opportunity to practice basic leather working including hole punching and edge finishing. At the end of the session all participants will have a custom belt they made to take home.



Leather Cardholder 

Dates and Tickets

In this beginner workshop, you will learn how to make and finish a card holder from vegetable tanned leather! We will cover beveling, burnishing, pricking and saddle stitching. We will also talk about types of leather, tanneries, tools, techniques and more. All materials will be provided. We will be working with natural leather and making a 3 slot card holder.





Print Making: Intro to Linocutting

Dates and Tickets

Come and learn the basics of print making and the practice of linocutting. Taught by a local artist, this course will go through all the steps from drawing an initial image, transferring it onto lino, carving the design out, to inking and printing the finished product.






Leather Tote Workshop

Dates and Tickets

In this two-part beginner workshop, you will learn how to take a template to a finished product. We will cover marking, cutting, pricking and saddle stitching. We will also talk about types of leather, tanneries, tools, techniques and more. All tools and materials will be provided. We will be working with leather hides and making a nice tote bag that will last a very, very long time.





Moss Ball Workshop 

Dates and Tickets

Kokedama or “Moss Balls” are a globe of moss that contains soil and a plant. Kokedama is the practice of taking the root ball of a plant and suspending it in a mud ball, which is then coated with soft green moss. It is a living planter as well as a distinctive display piece. They may be fixed to a piece of driftwood or bark, suspended from a string, or nestled in a clear, attractive container.

Hanging many of these as a Kokedama moss garden is called a string garden. Participants will go through the process of mixing and understanding the soil needs, wrapping the soil and placing the plant in the ball. We then tie it together and create a wrap to allow it to hang.




Hand Carving Series

Dates and Tickets

Some of our most popular workshops, the carving sessions rely exclusively on the use of hand tools, and knife techniques. Learn the basics and get comfortable with the tools, and in the process make your very own wooden utensil. Class will involve the use of carving knives, gouges and chisels.









DIY Beeswax Food Wraps

Dates and Tickets

In this workshop participants will learn how to take cotton fabric and use beeswax to turn it into environmentally friendly, food safe, storage wraps! It’s time to say goodbye to single use plastics forever, and this session will get you one step closer to doing so. Spend a few hours having fun and learning with the VTL crew at CCNH.




First Mondays Craft Night

Open to everyone. By donation at the shop.

Come work on a project, learn a new skill, or even follow up with a facilitator after a workshop. These are social evenings on the first Monday of each month, often with a theme such as sharpening, sewing, leatherwork, or carving, but are also open events to make something of your choice.