2014 Tool Draft Picks

VTL - Saw Head Is A Team Player

We are pleased to announce our tool draft picks for 2014! Through donations and purchases we have added a huge diversity of tools to our inventory over the holidays to welcome our members to the new year. For the Tool Library’s 2014 season, we have added:

Stanley 67 Piece Air-Powered Automotive Tool Kit

Dremel MM20 Oscillating Multitool

Bosch 10″ Compound Sliding Mitre Saw

Rok Grout / Thin-Set Removal Multitool Blades

GRIP 5 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set

Task 9 Piece Template Guide Set For Routers

– Heavy-duty floor standing pottery wheel (in maintenance, but should be ready to go by mid-January)

8 Piece Pottery Tool Set

23 Piece X-Acto Knife Set

16 Piece Wood-Boring Hole Saw Set

13 Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set

300 Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Kit

16 Piece Titanium Forstner Drill Bit Set

– Countless replacement saw blades, router bits, sand paper and drill bits

So many sexy cases and sets and kits! Stay tuned as we pursue the much-vaunted steam-cleaner and rotary hammer in the coming month. Many thanks to those of you who donated some of the tools listed above, and thanks to all of our members for supporting us into our 3rd year.