COVID-19 Update

Hello VTL members past/present/future!!

We are following the news and reports on the COVID-19 situation, and it’s really heartening to see that all our social distancing measures are having an impact and indeed “flattening the curve” to some extent! It’s really important that we recognize what good these efforts are having, as we all know they certainly haven’t been easy to implement.

The VTL Board of Directors and management are in constant contact, and monitoring the situation carefully. At this point we have decided to remain closed for now, and are uncertain when we will re-open. It is our hope that it won’t be too much longer, but we care about our community and will do everything we can to keep our volunteers and members safe.

Tuesday Work Space hours at the Wood Shop Co-op are postponed indefinitely, and credits will be applied to make up for these dates. All tools will be renewed with zero extension fees or late charges. Please contact our general manager Laine Hughes at if you have any questions or comments.

Keep on social distancing, and together we will get through this!!!