Featured Member: The Safe Amplification Site Society

The VTL offers organizational memberships to non-profits and small businesses to help make tools and tool use accessible and affordable for those actively working to improve our communities.  This month, we connected with VTL organizational member The Safe Amplification Site Society to find out who they are, what they do, and how they use VTL tools in the work of their organization.

safeamp 3

The Safe Amplification Site Society (Safe Amp) is a non-profit organization dedicated to music for people of all ages. Operating in East Van since 2009, Safe Amp hosts up to nine all-ages, financially accessible, inclusive, and alcohol-free performances and events at Astorino’s (1739 Venables St.) each month.

On their website, Safe Amp details a history of hosting a truly staggering number of all-ages events.  Their events schedule reflects representation of dozens of musical genres and hundreds of bands, all made accessible to individuals of all ages and income levels in an intentionally safer and more inclusive atmosphere.

In 2012, Safe Amp utilized VTL tools during Skills for Performing Artists Through Community Engagement Camp (S.P.A.C.E. Camp!), a weekend long speaker and workshop series that included a “build your own instrument” workshop. Using salvaged materials from the tool library, Pietro Sammarco led several groups through do-it-yourself instrument construction.


At present, Safe Amp is working towards the establishment of a permanent, legal, sustainable, affordable and accessible all-ages venue, while continuing to operate temporarily at Astorino’s. Safe Amp is always looking for more volunteers to help them keep Safe Amp alive.  It can’t and won’t exist without the support of the community to keep the gears turning.

Go to www.safeamp.org to find out about upcoming shows or how to get involved!