New Pricing at the VTL

– in effect May 31st, 2016.

Since 2011, the Vancouver Tool Library Cooperative has been lending tools to our members at very affordable rates; it’s our core mandate to provide inclusive access to tools and equipment for our members.

As the first cooperative tool lending library in Canada, however, much of what we’ve created at the VTL is an experiment. This includes our pricing. As we’ve grown, we have realized that our pricing structure must evolve as well.

After almost a year of consideration and input, we believe the proposed changes offer the best balance between the financial needs of our Co-operative while ensuring our service remains accessible and inclusive.


1. Power Tools for just $1/day!
B-Class tools (Power Tools) now cost $1/day, up to 10 days! (Currently B-Class tools cost $2 for 5 days.) Members will decide the number of days they want to borrow tools and pay when they pick up their tools. A-Class tools (Hand Tools) remain free, and can be loaned for up to 10 days.

Why we’re making this change:
– Power tools can now be borrowed for $1 for 24 hours, making power tools more accessible.
– Daily pricing will ensure higher rotation of tools, making them more available to members

2. A New Class of Tools
There are now C-Class tools. C-Class tools will cost $5/day up to 10 days.
VTL has always had A-Class tools (hand tools) and B-Class tools (power tools). The new C-Class will include tools that are high-maintenance or expensive to acquire. The following tools are included in the C-Class: Pressure Washers and Bench-top planer

Why we’re making this change
– Some tools require a lot of maintenance or are expensive to acquire. The new C-Class allows the VTL to properly supply these tools to members!

To learn more, come to our New Pricing Open House on Tuesday, April 26th, 5pm-7pm at the VTL. We will be there to answer any questions about these changes. We’re excited about how these changes will help the VTL evolve!