’tis the Season for Fruit Pressing!!

Hey folks!! This is just a note to ring in the equinox, and thus fruit pressing season.

You may be aware that we have two fruit presses at the shop, which are available for members for free, as they are A-class tools. What you may not know, is that due to their high seasonal demand, we place a 3 DAY LIMIT on how long they can be borrowed for, and we have a RESERVATION system in place for them.

So to be clear: VTL members can come and borrow a cider press for free, for three days at a time. We have a reservations sheet, and you can get your name on there and we will do our absolute best to ensure it’s here when it’s supposed to be. Occasionally tools come in late, and once in awhile they get double booked, so we recommend calling in advance to confirm your reservation and pick up time. Please be kind to the volunteers in the shop during this busy time, as without our volunteers we wouldn’t be open to lend tools at all.

As always we can be reached at 604 568 8071.