Tool of the Month: The Winner Is…

Thanks to everyone who cast their vote for tool of the month over the past two weeks! Results are in and the tool we’ll fundraise for has been determined!

Truing Stand

November’s Tool of the Month: a wheel truing stand, which is used to straighten bicycle wheels. It which consists of an axle stand on which the wheel can rotate and calipers to measure slight deviations of the wheel’s rim from ideal (“true”) alignment. We don’t currently have a wheel truing stand in our inventory.

Our fundraising target for this  tool is: $170

We could raise this much money if…

– Each of our members donated $0.72, or
– Each of our facebook fans donated $0.21 or
– Everyone on our mailing list donated $0.39

It doesn’t take much when we pool the resources of the VTL community, so pitch in what you can! We’ll keep you posted on here and through the newsletter as we get closer to the target and when we make the purchase. Donations can be made in the shop or via the paypal button below.