Work Space for VTL Members!!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with the Wood Shop Worker’s Co-op to improve our workshop space, and offer our members work space for larger scale project builds!!

Starting in February, the VTL will offer work space hours at the Wood Shop Worker’s Co-op every second Tuesday from 6 – 10pm. The Co-op is located at 1245 Glen Drive.

At the Tool Library, members can purchase punch cards for hourly increments that will grant access to the work space. After a short orientation with our work space supervisor, members can work on their projects on site. There are some tools available on site including two cabinet saws, two sliding compound mitre saws, a drill press, a planer, and various hand held power tools. Members are also encouraged to borrow VTL tools to bring to the work space for project execution.

For more information about this call the shop ((604) 568-8071), email the shop manager (Laine – or come on down in person and talk to one of our awesome volunteers who will be happy to fill you in.

VTL Workshop Facilitator and Work Space Supervisor Craig delivering an excellent box building workshop at the Wood Shop Worker’s Co-op space we’ll be using:


VTL Spoon Workshop Facilitator Devon delivering her popular spoon carving workshop at the Wood Shop:

IMG_4030 IMG_4028


Chris, Evan, and Jessica, the dream team driving the Wood Shop Workers Co-op: