Feature Member Project: Ella’s Kitchen Organizer

Every month, we feature a project created by a different Vancouver Tool Library member. This month, we’re talking to Ella, who fashioned herself a great kitchen organizing unit. While she may have been initially battling ‘stereotypically female’ inhibitions about power tools, she gained confidence through practice and went on to build the project. Read on:

Tell us about the project you built and the process behind it, as well as what inspired you to work on it.

I built a grid of shelves for the kitchen in my friend Devon’s house. I was inspired by the empty wall behind a counter cluttered with spices, oils, and other small jars – items that would fit so pleasantly and accessibly onto shelves, if only they were built. But really, the main inspiration was Devon’s vision for his kitchen and my desire to learn how to build things.

Which tools did you use for the project?

A belt sander, a skill saw, and an impact driver. Impact drivers totally rock. You should get one.

What was your previous experience with tools before this project? Did you experience any challenges?

I hadn’t worked with any of those tools before, and definitely had/have what you could either call ‘a healthy respect for’ or ‘a fear of’ power tools. I was very timid about using the skill saw at first, but luckily I made quite a few mistakes in the cuts and had to redo them, and that led to more practice with the saw. By the end I was feeling almost brazen.

How do you feel now that you’ve completed a project of this nature?

I am unabashedly and disproportionately proud of it. The picture probably looks ok, but it’s really a very simple grid with lots of gaps and uneven edges etc., so, you know, it’s not exactly carpentry art or anything, but I’m still rather tickled with it. And it is sturdy. I’m pretty sure nothing has given way yet and it’s been in use for over a week now. Full points for functionality.

Next project plans?

I should probably take a reasonable next step and maybe build a few more shelves or maybe a bookcase before tackling anything too big, but part of me just wants to strap my baby to my back, grab a chainsaw, and head off into the forest…

Thanks Ella! For years we did not have a chainsaw available for VTL members, but we recently had a small electric one donated. For safe usage and a tutorial on chainsaw kickback, please check out this link submitted by VTL member Dan. Be careful out there folks!!

If you have a project you’d like featured next month, e-mail manager@vancouvertoollibrary.com