Featured Tool: Hackzall

There was a flurry of excitement when this freshly donated tool showed up at the shop. Meet the Hackzall, the newest addition to the Vancouver Tool Library inventory.

Photo courtesy of http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/

The Hackzall is a compact, cordless reciprocating saw. Used mostly for construction and demolition work, larger reciprocating saws are not generally recognized for their precision. Cuts are made by repetition of a push and a pull motion, or ‘reciprocating’. Maneuvering can be difficult, especially if the saw is corded. Because of its size, weight, and shorter blade, the Hackzall allows the user to make more accurate and close cuts, or reach angles not previously possible. It can allow for better body positioning in relation to the material; this is important for safety and efficiency when making cuts. The Hackzall may lack some of the power of a bigger saw, but it makes up for this with its versatility.

While the Hackzall would not completely replace a larger saw, it is handy to have around for smaller projects. It is perfect for cutting materials such as copper, drywall, and PVC tube. Shameless plug: an excellent use of PVC tube is a cloche greenhouse for winter gardening – learn how to make one at our workshop in October.

Watch this short video for a quick look at what the Hackzall is capable of. The music really adds to the effect.

Have you ever use a Hackzall before for a project? E-mail lauren [at] vancouvertoollibrary [dot] com if you’d like your project featured in our next member project post.